Please note that I hold a Masters Degree in Library Science,

hold a food license and am I fully insured. 

*Nassau County Programs are $25 extra 

"Adopt  Me" Bandanas & Adoption Boards

Families will decorate bandanas with adorable phrases

as well as adoption boards

which will help increase animal shelter adoptions!

1.5 hours 

$350 for 10 families

Canvas Wars! 

Families will take part in a canvas art challenge. 

Everyone will vote for their favorite creation and

prizes will be awarded to the winning family. 

PLUS everyone keeps their canvas. 

$350 for 10 families

Charity Totes for the Homeless 

Families will decorate tote bags with messages of hope.

They will also add some much needed items inside the tote bags.

All tote bags will be donated to those in need. 

1 hour

$350 for 10 families

Family Bingo!

Families will play several rounds of Bingo while they eat snacks. 
Prizes awarded to the winners of each game.  

1 hour

$350 for 10 families 

Family Cupcake Wars

Families will come up with an original theme
and decorate cupcakes as a team. The winning team will receive a
certificate for best presentation and other with prizes.

*Food programs may not be suitable for those with food allergies.

 Food may contain gluten, dairy, wheat and soy

1 hour

$350 for 10 families

Family Name That Tune

Families will compete in various rounds as a team to
try and name that tune!

The winning team will win a basket filled with prizes.

Everyone who plays will receive a snack.

1 hour

$350 for 10 families

Family Splatter Art Night

Families will choose to paint Dragons, Unicorn or Mermaids to trace,

paint and use a splatter effect. This is super fun!

Each family receives 2 canvases to paint. 

1 hour

 $395 for 10 families

Family Terrarium Gardens 

Using pebbles, soil, succulents, and other plants, 

families will create a beautiful DIY Terrarium. 

Each family will receive two succulents per garden.

We will discuss how to care for plants too. 

 10 families $450


*please ask families to bring in a box to transport their terrarium home in.

Family Trivia 

Families will answer fun trivia questions.

The winning team will win a basket filled with prizes.
Everyone who plays will receive a snack.

1 hour

$350 for 10 families