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Please note that I hold a Masters Degree in Library Science,

hold a food license and am I fully insured. 

*Nassau County Programs are $25 extra 

"Adopt  Me" Bandanas 

Families will decorate bandanas with adorable phrases

which will help increase animal shelter adoptions!

1 hour

$395 for 10 families

Canvas Wars! 

Families will take part in a canvas art challenge. 

Everyone will vote for their favorite creation and

prizes will be awarded to the winning family. 

PLUS everyone keeps their canvas. 

$395 for 10 families

Family Bingo!

Families will play several rounds of Bingo while they eat snacks. 
Prizes awarded to the winners of each game.  

1 hour

$395 for 10 families 

Family Splatter Art Night

Families will choose to paint Dragons, Unicorn or Mermaids to trace,

paint and use a splatter effect. This is super fun!

Each family receives 2 canvases to paint. 

1 hour

 $395 for 10 families


Family Trivia 

Families will answer fun trivia questions.

The winning team will win a basket filled with prizes.
Everyone who plays will receive a snack.

1 hour

$395 for 10 families

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